Monday, March 1, 2010

remember the moments when the rocky mountains drifted by us supposin' we would never meet again. across grey skies and night rides watching the moonlight dance along ridges and state line signs. showing us the wonders of the dark. we watched in amazement fighting the sleep that bated our bodies against cold glass with cheeks pressed snugly. the starlights guiding our imaginations longitude and lattitude, stretching our thoughts into the spaces lost in the shadows forshadowing the proceeding moments in succession. the process of life unfolding with a beautiful pace against these skies that turn blue under black with white and yellow spots pokadotting the rhythms of the universe. yet another turn for the search from worse to ok to better to best to blank mindedness settling on the sun dripped sounds of the evenning skies loosing themselves to the pitch black bound to fade into the nautical. somethings sings to me in these moments of memories amounting to the sublime remembering a bus ride.


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