Monday, April 19, 2010

moments: 1-5

when chelsie rose was still part of spoken views and she proposed a book idea for 1,000 moments from 10 poets, i came up with 50 before the plan was abandoned. they were supposed to be short and kept simple. i found some today on one of my old blogs. who knows, maybe we could still do this book. i like where it was going. anyways, here are five for now. i'll keep posting them in increments.

1.) sweaty palm electricity
stutter, stumble over words hormone
jaw dropped and drooling mouth prone
imaginary fairy tale brain land
working out scenarios your hand could, should
brush against mine
affection growing as a tumor benign
infecting smiles, causing shakey knees
melting me to the floor in heaps

2.) concrete convulsions
crumbling quickly to cover up
the lower level black asphalt lover
sediment and dust caress it's worn places
red bricks looking like chapped lips
roughly and hastily kissing
the forlorn and lost other half

3.) unwanted lips
touching the back of my neck
insistent words fall somewhere between
the cracks of my poor communication
and your hands groping to be fed
the weight of your boflex body
pressing against the back of my small frame
crushing cleanliness out of my skin
heavy breaths fill my ear
and i know what it feels like to want to die.

4.) the light projected onto the crowd
strips away daily facades worn on our faces
the beat drops and dancing hands
float through the top of the mass in unison
elbows bumped and toes stepped on
go unnoticed as eyes are glued center stage
see the knowledge being dropped out in rhymes
into the mic that serves as a weapon.
we're all aspring to be inspired.

5.) on these dirty streets of reno
one man positions himself in the same place
daily during summer on virginia st.
in between the silver legacy and the golden pheonix
preaching the words of god
he placed his palm on my forehead,
prayed for my lost
and told me that i was saved.
that god was watching over me.

seconds later a friend and i were
hassled by four or more bike cops
that placed us in handcuffs
for breaking curfew.
thank god.


Monday, April 5, 2010


everything about you.
go ahead with your tricks...
i know all about you.
you're indebted to insecurity
embeded in impurity,
quite pathetic.



Sunday, April 4, 2010



enjoy this,
it will be the death of you.