Wednesday, March 31, 2010

$ex Cells

    so, i am serious about this erotic poetry collection.  and, i would like to edit the final chapter, as a sort of collaborative collection. anyway, i am including a little sample, so the spokenviews and poetry universe doesn't think i am blowing smoke up skirts.  check it:

the sound of her screams seems
like the sonorous insemination of jet streams,
incantations of past relations packaged
inside of her moans and ejaculations,
stress's is no longer manifest but my 
hand prints are impressed upon her chest.
she's lost in far-reaching gazes that 
beseech love live beyond the moon's many phases,
and, nothing fazes me or amazes me
quite like the way she falls back lazily,
with her arms out-stretched in praise of me,
abandoning far-fetched ideas of chastity,
yes, lose yourself in abandon, 
let's take a ride in tandem,
as questions fly at you at random:
what lies beyond those clenched-eyes and bitten-lips?
what pries open clenched-thighs and birthing-hips?..

...just a sample, now keep writing and keep loving!


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