Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sit with it, til it bleeds

...So we've formulated a concept; manufactured a dramatic interaction.
blasted with a passion to create a foundation that's long-lasting
...i'm askin' for some compassion to keep our heads out of our asses
and live for the light that we can celebrate and bask in that's not to say that it's gonna be an easy process
buncha punk motherfuckers wanna spit out fronts and nonsense
...i'm a hater of haters, clowns that say shit like "check ya later,"
or call every dude "my brotha," it's a magnificant conundrum I gotta watch my mouth, cuz i'm startin' to judge again
who knows, maybe those clown-ass bitches can be trained to be a friend
...maybe they have no idea what it means to be true to self
just like me...fuck you. I love you. I hope this rant finds you in good health., I need to switch to decaf.


Monday, February 22, 2010

in the lasting moments of music till 5...i await departure like the birds of cape town around this time...soon...soon...i will take flight and be caught by the night as the days light fades faster than i'd like it to...mostly wandering the fields of grace looking for space...beginning to race in place finding solace in the in betweens...ticks merging once and often and again and never meeting really...and there's days like this one that excitement builds like kids in a candy store or at the toy is full of beauty in sounds and silence and somehow this is perfect...somehow some days there is balance and i find these words to be right...

be peace

Talik Talluah

Saturday, February 20, 2010

quick like

i woke up to find myself surprisingly well rested after 3 days of performances. i hope this is the route things continue to travel upon. i want small naps here and there and time with my son and Alicia. i need time with the son and trees ta...stay rooted. keep me on the up and up and fill me with gratitude in the midst of being rude. as i may walk the earth on rolling hills and mountaintops talking the talk of a tall man on higher aspirations. bigger than himself. bigger that the thought of being BIG. this is HUGE! i'm on a high the way my peers ride the words they've worked out like hands to clay or hammers to jagged stones collected from rockslides. i wanna rock out like Hendrix and claim glory in the eyes of them. my peers. peering though all my faults and misteps and taking time to correct me as i make mistakes, they keep me grounded. thank you. quickly. be peacequci

Knitting Factory

We killed the Knitting Factory!!! Well every performer rocked it! Hopefully we've opened up alot more people (estimated @2700 through the door!) to this SpokenWord thang thang in our little city of Reno! We've got hope...bless peace