Tuesday, February 15, 2011


we pushed and we pulled,
always together
but so separate.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

St.Valentine's Poem

Just above our line of sight

Just above the scope of our eyes

There lies the paradox of these modern times,

These finite moments,

Infinitely entwined,

These thoughts of ours

Stretched so thin

They create a cloud in our minds

Represents the totality of divine,

Your subtle ocular movements

Like photographic prints,

Only develop with a proper chemical mix,

My eyes affixed on you

Speak for my soul

Transfixed by you,

Most pass through life subliminally,

Pantomiming the sublime,

We live ostentatiously

Frozen frame by frame in time,

We are sentient beings of non-being

Finally granted permission to simply be,

Which we shrug off indiscriminately,

We are voyeurs of our own dealings,

Objectively subjecting ourselves to our feelings,

But, here we feel the un-felt ethereal

Spiritual immaterial that flickers until it burns

Like antiquated news reels,

Could it be that love and sex

Is the vortex

Where all is created and nothing is left?

The source of life and death?

Implosions and explosions

Accompanied by

Incantations and lamentations,

Fervent frustrations and eternal elations

Dispatched post haste

Like Roman soldiers with

An Insatiable taste for blood,

Our movements are symphonically arranged,

Our moans muttered monosyllabically like the monologues

Of the deranged,

Two souls estranged by modern times

Like Chaplin stumble through

This Comedy of the Divine,

So, divinely connive me, mon ami,

Convince me I am a supreme being,

That I am tailor-made for you and you for me,

Stultify me,

Blind me with your duplicity,

It’s fine with me,

Enshrine me in the lies

Bespoken by the fluttering of your eyes,

Don’t deny me,

Stymie me,

Align your heavenly body to me,

Because this is the very definition of cupidity,

You strike me with desire

As arrows strike the heart,

Crush the world around me,

Tear my body apart,

For here there is only you

Systematically making me disappear

Like a whirlpool,

But, though you decimated me,

You also resurrected the spirit inside me,

You gave our love’s fire the heat,

You gave our love’s poetry stanzas and feat,

You gave yourself away,

Then took control of this sexual interplay,

You became my Valentine

Just in time to inspire

My musings and rhymes,

Exposed yourself to me

So, I could expose myself to the world plainly,

Now, come on baby,

Let me show you the meaning of heavenly,

And cuddle with me

On clouds like winged-cherubs innocently,

Let us see beyond our line of sight,

Just above the scope of the eyes,

And, finally address the paradox of these modern times:

That by giving ourselves to our bodies and acting devilishly,

We touched on the spiritual immaterial,

And, came close to understanding God's revelry.

~Marvin Gonzalez