Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the ship

i wanna wish for better times and times are good, but it ain't grand and the skemes are worse than ever and i meant to be great but i missed fate by a moment. holding onto what's become my passion placing my past in the trash bin and picking it up to do backspins and relaxin's not really my thing. i guess that's why it's a mess. messy meetings for better moments in time trickling down the waves of my emotional undercurrent. i take detours before i wake up and when i walk with eyes open it's as if doors keep shutting and openning and closing and disappearing and wearing on my memory. my mind is missing the points and placing space in my pockets that are filled with phone numbers and bad credit. i'm indebted to the medication of procrastination while holding hands with multiple ordinances and opting to go on. so go on wish for bliss and send me a kiss while i'm missed my mrs's. hopefully one day we'll forgoe it all and dive deep with sea fishes while our dust whistle's in the wind. i hope the ship can hold that long. i love you.


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