Saturday, February 20, 2010

quick like

i woke up to find myself surprisingly well rested after 3 days of performances. i hope this is the route things continue to travel upon. i want small naps here and there and time with my son and Alicia. i need time with the son and trees ta...stay rooted. keep me on the up and up and fill me with gratitude in the midst of being rude. as i may walk the earth on rolling hills and mountaintops talking the talk of a tall man on higher aspirations. bigger than himself. bigger that the thought of being BIG. this is HUGE! i'm on a high the way my peers ride the words they've worked out like hands to clay or hammers to jagged stones collected from rockslides. i wanna rock out like Hendrix and claim glory in the eyes of them. my peers. peering though all my faults and misteps and taking time to correct me as i make mistakes, they keep me grounded. thank you. quickly. be peacequci

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