Wednesday, April 20, 2011

4/20 Poem: A Tale of Love and Lethargy


I used to get high in my room

And, pretend that I was conducting

Piotor Iyllich Tchaikovsky’s

Marche Slave Op. 31 in B flat minor,

An emotionally riveting march

That chronicles, amongst other things,

Ottoman atrocities endured by the Serbs,

And, I felt like I too was composed

In B flat minor

As I B a minor so high

I B lying flat on my back,

Bringing up the French horns

With an elegant swoop of the hand,

You’d think I were a figure skater

In a dark, desolate rink

Dancing with a spot light,

But no,

This boy’s just staring up at

The white topographic ceiling,

Blowing fumes like dormant dragons,

Or, like dust clouds that follow

Rustic wagons,

Lying thusly, divinely supine,

With my Hawaiian shirt popped open,

Kicking open the bottom drawer of my desk,

Whence I produce a glass and cognac

To accompany these

Dances of Sugar Plum Fairies

And half-smoked trees,

Normally, I am white-washed in worry,

But, to-day the weak interaction

Is on display as worry fades away

Like radioactive decay,

So, I suck in some more,


And, as the CD turns over to

The love theme from Romeo and Juliet,

My thoughts begin to swirl

Like spiral galaxies,

Or, instant coffee,

Leaving a spiral print on my mind

Like radial Whorl finger prints

Impressed over my eyelids,

My thoughts are these volcanic clouds,

In Spanish they’re called fumarolas:

Una mezcla de gas y vapor intelectual,

Ay güey no mames,

I realize I am so high I am beginning to

Think in Spanish,

Which is when the smoke

And my thoughts converge,

Producing slightly psychedelic landscapes

Fit for wandering minds,

I set fire to the tumble weeds

That litter my arid thoughts,

And walk through the heat-bent atmosphere

Toward an image of immaculate design,

A brown-skinned beauty,

With dark chocolate locks

And somehow rosy cheeks,

Which reminds me of chocolate and cherries,

But, not those disgusting Brach’s candy

That douche bags give their girl on Valentine’s,

But, more like just

Dark chocolate and fresh cherries

As a snack on a plate,

She is wearing a white dress,

Which flatteringly accentuates her rolling figure,

She waves for me,

In a fluid beckoning fashion

Just as the CD player switches over to

Valse Sentimentale Op. 51 No. 6,

Her sad eyes sparkle

Like that single wavering violin

Whose cries evoke the

Spirit of infinite sadness and glee,

Affecting the very vibration of my heart

So that it palpitates in rhythm

To its frequencies,

She is but a dream waiting for me


Somewhere in space and time,

I don’t know,

Maybe in Seattle or Berkeley, or something,

Taking me in and kissing

These undeserving lips,

Allowing me to retrace God’s blueprint

With my trembling hands,

Only to find my Dad kicking my foot

As I a grope my soggy pillow,

Which I’ve strangely courted

Over a bag of Chili Cheese Fritos

I’ve pulverized into the carpet

With my swinging hips,

Telling me that I need to get up now and mow the lawn,

Goddamn, I am stoned,

It’s going to be a beautiful day!

~Marvin Gonzalez

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