Monday, January 31, 2011

Stay In The Box

sit. don't speak. don't think for yourself.

yes, do what i tell you to.

no, don't think for yourself.

oh you want to play the guitar?

nah, how about the piano?

I think it better suits you,

but really you're not that musical

so why don't we just forget the whole thing?

sit. don't talk. not a whisper. shh.

don't get out of line; especially in public.

you know what'll happen.

your father's gonna hear about this.

your mom will hate you for what you've done.

you'll never go anywhere doing that.

just give up. really.

seriously, on the carpet? i just cleaned that.

go to your room.

and don't talk, don't think, don't blink.

i'd rather you not be, but you are

and as long as you're in my house;

don', at all.

-Talik T.

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