Sunday, January 30, 2011

Living Dream

He focused on the smallest things in weird ways.

Falling in and out of time like a traveller from a far away universe.

Life in the linear spectrum didn't seem to apply to this young lad.

Perspectives on ants like beast on mountainsides,

slinging dirt clods over their backs to be the builders of the future.

He too often nurtured these activities and this led to many days in detention,discontent and disillusionment.

He found resolve in storytelling.

Spinning tales like squirrels and grasshoppers; racing wits, speed, blades of grass and sheer nuttiness.

Stories that stretched the galaxy for days without starships and rocket fuel, just imagination.

He was blessed.

Soaking in the sunlight just as much as the moon's shine, he would be the drunkard of nature's wonders.

A wanderer of thoughts and the underlying scapegoat of minds, his treasures were divine.

Doused in dream juice and jungle magic,

he danced the holiest dances with demons and ghosts, angels and humanoids.

Purposely forgetting his insect repellant, walking into the night,

hoping to attract any creatures attention so he could speak with them.

Dream with them.

Imagining the fanciful and fantastic fates of man within the grasp of his own hands; he sang to them.

Drifting in and out of space losing focus in the face of fun time.

Seemingly chosen in the throws of swollen toes, stubbed,

and closed eyes and open mugs mouthing insanities like:


What a sight to be seen these themes of mind running rampant without reality reasoning, just 'cause they could

and they did and he would continue this road of tidbits on small time

with big thoughts lost in visions of his yesteryears.

DREAM BIG! Go long! Never quit, never surrender! Render beauty with your fist!

Put ugly thoughts in your pocket and forget them in the laundry mat.

Make the days stretch wide and the nights open up while making real what makes you smile.

-Talik T.

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