Monday, January 31, 2011

Distilled Youth

Broken belts from broken father figures.

Busted faces over bloodied wounds; more injury inside than out.

Dysfunctional approaches to fatherhood, manhood and material relationships.

Results are, one Angel gone from this world over rusty needles,

haystack pressure and a motherless outlook.

We wonder what happened on the other side of life and when the light left her eyes

like the car that left her outside the E.R., did she think of us?

She had had a rocky childhood, as we all did.

One time, at age 8, she "fell" off a 5 foot wall and busted her head open on the concrete.

Another time she let young men touch her younger person and liked it, though she didn't know why;

it must have been the attention.

Often times she hated her family it seemed

and even had her brother beat to the ground by a thugged out,

ogre, drug slanging "gang banger", wanna be boyfriend,

who was told, that the brother was gonna "Whoop his ass for touchin' his sister..."

in ways he'd rather not have know at the time; much less deal with at age 14. Angel was 13. Barely.

She sang with the grace of a hundred Goddesses and could out maneuver most on the soccer field.

She played with a masculine competitive aggressiveness

that was seemingly unmatched; sadly even by me.

She was tough bodied, strong willed and weak minded.

With narrow sights in her scope, she couldn't see past blunts, baby talk, boys and bad habits.

Bleak at best with the beast's roaring at her side.

Fueling her passions for outside-lands where anything could happen and did.

So she's gone and she was 19, not a child, but still a kid.

-Talik T.