Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rhapsody_of_Women: Yolanda:_Second_Grade_Love

I watch you from my seat,
Letting the flickering TV
Guide my eyes as I
Redraw your figure,
You have been divinely constructed,
Reborn before my eyes
Dripping in amniotic white noise
Which eases the friction of
This terrestrial world,
You belong in the clouds,
Showered in fanfare and
Decked in angelic regalia,
You awaken the things inside of me,
Which lay dormant
Like the Kracken,
And, as if though summoned by Poseidon himself,
My second-grade penis
Swells and tenses,
Breaking free from the binding waves,
That crash and tumble,
As it suffocates no more...

~Marvin Gonzalez