Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sexual Capital

Don't hate because i capitalize
On this sexual enterprise,
Handsome face,
Big brown-eyes,
And, an intensity so deep,
It could displace the heavens and the skies,
Oh, to-night you say you're indisposed,
But, I see you through your lies and guise,
And, it comes as no surprise
That the indecency I've proposed
Has produced no significant reply,
For your silence is much more cacophonous,
And, a much more raucous rendezvous is upon us,
I can already envision your blustering an boisterous
Bombastic acrobatic sexually aromatic sonorously sensuous
Screams hoist us all the way up to heaven's gates
Just so St. Michael can cast us back down
To the sulfurous grounds of Hades
Just past the River Styx,
Where I predict you could use my dick
As a springboard to rocket-launch us
Back to my bed where I grab hold of your haunches
As my eyes roll back and I slip into my subconscious,
Where I see me consciously seeking sexual synergy,
See, my goal here is to achieve symbiosis
While at the same time avoiding mitosis,
But, i dispel these thoughts fraught with forbearance,
And, instead focus on our destiny or mutual inheritance:
A history of mankind's flirtation with the romantic,
Symbolized by our frantic, often drawn out sexual sagas,
Nearly Icelandic in length and complexity,
But, time flies when you lie next to me,
And, it perplexes me just how you conduct yourself sexually,
Never mechanically, though often methodically,
The way that you use my body erotically,
And, I move robotically, as though I were biologically
Programmed or wired to inspire the fire that
Burns wild inside causing me to perspire,
Which waters this sexual crop,
You see, I'm just planting seeds,
Or, maybe supplanting your needs
With my cock,
But, baby I'm not proposing this investment out of greed,
As my many clients before you can attest to or agree,
You see, I'm a venture capitalist trying to get this start-up of the ground,
And, I ain't hard up, or disingenuously marking my product up,
But, i got sexual capital see,
And, my stocks are bought and traded on the market publicly,
So, invest in this sex and see what happens next is a guarantee
That you will see your numbers rise exponentially,
Now, you can say that this is all bull-shit,
That this is ain't real, or whatever,
Or, you could go home with me to-night,
And, we could ride this bull-market
Together, forever.

~Marvin G.

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