Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rhapsody of Women: 1st Movement_Evocation of the Muses

An infinite collection of words
Spun around galaxies
Could scarcely scrape
Your superficiality,
The profundity of you
Lies in your fecundity of thoughts,
Which give birth to your words,
Immaculately begot,
Like a thousand ships
Set sail in simulcast
Your lips launch a thousand quips
Simultaneously cast,
One by one reducing me
To sub-atomic absurdity,
You give the strings that bind me
Meaning, you move me
To theoretically postulated realms
On un-manned barges
With uncertainty at the helm,
and, by you i am most certainly
Though, I'm no expert in Chemistry
I can see we have valency,
Basically, i mean we attract
And, the words that comprise you
Blur the lines of banality
As they filter through me and arise anew
To destroy this malady,
Empty pages require
Literary sages who
Require a kiss from you,
I require your abundance of words
Laced with Irony dipped in the absurd,
You require a life deferred,
Inspiration is your inclination,
And, verbiage is our destination,
Superfluity with continuity,
You have no idea what you do to me,
Never with animosity,
This is not bellicose or prose,
This is poetry
Of the finest order we compose,
Indisposed forevermore
Nipping at your toes,
Trying to get a taste your sweet rose,
My varicose egos
Fragile as a fortress of Legos
Are fortified by you,
Mortified unless you
Breathe life into each syllable
Right on cue,
And, when we come together
In this ejaculatory endeavor
You make want to cum forever,
This was my dream
Once only seen
In science fiction magazines,
Made reality with you,
My muse,
My Queen,
Now each word that i dispatch
Is the catalyst that frees the latch
That keeps the door in your mind closed
With only a keyhole into the real world exposed,
My poetry splits your mind in two,
And, the cerebral residue
Touches the mind of the brother
Or sister that sits next to you,
And, just like the splitting of nuclei
Creates a nuclear transmutation,
The opening of your third eye
Creates a spiritual transformation,
This is the binding energy of humanity,
A chain-reaction that decimates banality,
So, all hackneyed exercise
Can stand aside,
And, let the poetic Kundalini rise
That eternally lights the skies
That resides in our minds!

~Marvin G.

1 comment:

  1. It's been but a day
    and I've stayed away.
    Holding in this news,
    such strength in clues
    has flown me away to the clouds.
    Stomping that fluff.
    Breaking that stuff.
    Pushing the rain to fall
    absorbing it all.
    Forcing the water to seep
    to the workings of that latch.
    Trying not to catch myself
    As rust breaks down,
    So am I.
    And like wood when it's dry
    as small bits of a pie
    Oiled and absorbing
    it takes a while and some warming,
    So do I.
    Let us simply snap into place
    Face to face
    in any space.
    Remember this rose
    is hesitant to expose,
    previously silent to compose
    My lines are blurred.
    And I know it's absurd!
    For a garden beauty to wilt
    on a stilt
    with thoughts of frost.
    But it's 72 degrees,
    I believe
    All I need now
    is you
    to be you.
    And me to be free
    here is my key.