Wednesday, September 1, 2010

poetic excercise

don't hate on me,
i'm this way Occidentally,
that is, Western Culture fashioned me,
which is why reluctantly
i am plagued with that malady
consuming conspicuously
with a hunger characterized by insatiability,
post-modern non sequitur train of thought,
immaculately conceived, divinely begot,
my soul was raided by barbarous germanic tribes
my thoughts written on papyrus by scribes
my love for life was never requited
and, though i've danced with devils
i was never delighted,
but tonight, i gotta get my mind right,
forget about hindsight,
focus on the lime light,
take my cue in this theatre of the absurd
and, prove to the world that,
in fact, it is possible to polish a turd.


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