Monday, August 30, 2010

Untitled....(to be continued)

on this day recognize the raising of my brow against your subtle, demeaning humor. understand that  the look on my face is disgust and distaste. you are incredibly, utterly and most especially ludicrous. apparently you're under the impression that your notions on life, inherited you prestige and honor among the common man in some sort of predefined hierarchy you, yourself have created. an illusion to top delusions. a freak of nature resting at ease in the uncomfortable silences of the denounced and emotionally detained creatures you confine as cretins casting them aside as unimportant, resolute and destitute of intelligent thoughts. you sink in your stink and think it smells like roses you poser. posting your stench on the wrenching of the soul. smells like gene smearin'. disenchanting spirits in the circumfrence of curses, dark nights and crimson sonnets. slinging mud like a pitcher outta hell playing the fields of dirty laundry and smriks and crappy attitudes. rude. dishonest. cheap shooter. shister. shady commuter like lightless tunnels in subways lost on new world developments. unending. bending the spine in search of what's never yours and only others, you make "mine". greedy. seedy sooth sayer looking like sweet, but sounding like snakes slithering hither and there impairing the judgement of those who want to love and never freeze, but have froze. be continued

be peace


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