Tuesday, June 8, 2010

skipping a stitch

call me lovely, call me the scent of the sun, call me the scattered but sure light of the stars, call me hard goodbyes. call me beauty eyes. say i taste like laugther on salty days. like shattering the glass over cold hearts opening just as wide as the sky. say my presence feels like building stairs to the clouds, that my voice is the sound of stacking bricks up to climb to hope. take my hand, take comfort in wingless flight. tell me that the way words roll of my lips breaks you. breaks you so badly that you can't keep anyone out anymore. reveal your cracks and faultlines, forget the stitches and burst. let your colors coat me. show me every single tone of your rainbow. tell me that once you bleed the bad out, that i can replace it. that i can become your new palette to paint bliss with.


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