Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dark surrounds me like bullies
Fool me now and watch the strength drown
And there is no real reason,
I guess you can blame it on the season
Growing pains cause strain
And my fucking brain is getting the best of me
I thought we were suppose to be homies
Show me a light,
A flicker of hope so I can cope
My scope is now cloudy,
body, rowdy
How'd he do it?
Threw rocks at the negative
Threw the head off balance
Now the aura leans with a mean disposition
Depression tag teams with anxiety
Anxiety has a pact with panic
And this is just the way the universe planned it
My shoulder blades frame my motto
The skin sheds and the meds may numb
But this is no time to sit & act dumb
I'm from a starship that still has steam
And plenty of reasons to peddle these dreams
Screams on silent
Put demand on vibrate
And my ringtone is my breath
Learn to say no more often,
But say yes to beautiful energies that embrace
Expectations are there...grind gradually to exceed it
Always ask for help because you never know when you're the one who'll need it.


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